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Sugarland's Pet Memorials

Step by Step Instructions

Submit Memorial

Now you are ready to submit a Pet Memorial.

  1. Click on the "Submit Memorial" button on the top menu on the screen.

  2. First select a category that most fits your friend and companion (i.e. Dog, Cat, etc.).

  3. A window will appear notifying you of the fee to place a Memorial. Click "Continue" if you agree.

  4. Now you can enter information, a story or memorial and upload pictures of your pet:
    1. PET'S NAME: Enter your pet's name.
    2. MEMORIAL: Here you can write a memorial to your companion. If you would like some help in writing go to our Writing Memorials page.
    3. DATE OF BIRTH: Enter your pet's birth date. If you don't know your pets actual birthdate you can just make an approximation or you do not have to enter one at all. We suggest you use the calendar next the white box to avoid confusion. If you would like to enter the date directly please use the YYYY-MM-DD format (only use the dash (-) symbol between the numbers).
    4. DATE OF PASSING: Enter your pet's date of passing using the same methods as above..
    5. PICTURES: You can upload up to 15 pictures for each memorial. Pictures that are 8x5 in. (600x400 pixels) or smaller work best (see Reduce Pictures).
    6. VALIDATION CODE: Finally enter the validation code you see written in the white box (capitalization in not important).

  5. Click the "Submit" button at the bottom (it may take a minute to upload all your information).

Purchase Memorial

The next page is the Purchase Memorial page. Here are a few options for making your payment:

  1. Purchase Online using or PayPal.
    1. Click the or PayPal button under "Choose Payment Method" on the right.
    2. From here you will be taken to:
      1. A Credit Card payment form on our secure webpage which uses or...
      2. PayPal's secure webpage where you can enter in your credit card information to make an online payment.
  2. Purchase by Phone.
    1. If you don't want to use your credit card online you can call us to make a telephone purchase using a check or credit card.
    2. Call 1-775-970-5350 to do so.

  3. Purchase by Check.
    1. You may also send a check directly to us.
    2. Make checks payable to Sugarland Ranch, Inc.
    3. Send to:    Sugarland Ranch, Inc.
                       c/o Sugarland´s Pet Memorials
                       3510 Matterhorn Blvd.
                       Reno, NV 89506

Once you have made your payment you can see your memorial by clicking "View Memorials" on the top menu and then selecting the category in which you created your memorial.

View Memorial button Location