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How to Reduce Picture Size

We suggest that you use pictures no bigger than 8x5 in. (600x400 pixel) when uploading to our site. This allows for better viewing of the photos in your Pet Memorial.

Many people have asked us how they can reduce the size of their pictures. There are many free programs and web pages out there that can help you with this. Here are just a couple.


Google offers Picasa, which you can download. This program is loaded with options that can help you do just about anything with your pictures (including resizing them). For more help on using this program to resize picture click here.

Image Optimizer

Image Optimizer is a simple solution that will let you resize your photos quick and easy right from their website. Under Optimization enter Max Width: 600 & Max Height: 400 (600x400 pixels). If you have more than one picture you can download their program from the same page and resize your pictures from your computer.

If you have any further questions you can email Sugarland's Pet Memorials.