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Pet Memorial Memorial
Pet's Name Lily Bear
Date of Birth August-15-2001
Date of Passing October-15-2010
Memorial Our dearest Lily Bear, how much we miss you, so suddenly you left us. When Cupcake left us last April, you walked around your lobby, with sad eyes, there are many sad eyes & tears now, missing you my Love. You had adopted Anna Bear very recently, we think perhaps you thought she was a new Cupcake to love and Anna loved you so much. What a pair you two were, now Anna’s eyes are very sad, how she grieved without you to lay on top of! We told her that you had to go to join Cupcake, it was time to cross over & knowing that you are with your Cupcake gives us some peace & comfort. You have been the official Greeter for 4 years. We have so many fond memories, your paw all of the time endlessly wanting food, loves and scratches, barking when you wanted in the kitchen, your absolute favorite place. In trying to make some sense over losing you, we came upon prayers that we repeated over and over again, until a calm came upon us, we could feel your presence, our constant Companion, our gift of Love, we were so fortunate to have found you & you us. To our surprise, Shamu seems to be the medium that brings you and the others across the Bridge briefly to let us have a few sacred moments with you and the others; we see her traveling with all of you holding the silvery cloth that binds us all.

May I, as your Friend, support your journey and your choices; may I give you courage, strength, peace, and love. May the sacred Light of your true nature cleanse, purify, heal, and sustain you from this moment on and forever more. Beloved Friend, I, with you, resist nothing, move in peace, blessing the Bridge. Spirit we are, unified always, souls bonded through our Love; now we are free.